What Happens After Bariatric Surgery?

Is there a lot of pain with bariatric surgery?

As with most surgeries, some surgical pain is to expected. Nausea is sometimes also present after surgery. Your nursing staff may ask you to describe your pain on a scale of one to ten, and will make sure you are comfortable as possible during this time.

What happens after my procedure?

Most people spend two days in the hospital after surgery. You will be closely monitored during this time, and will be encouraged to get out of your bed and perform moderate leg exercises that will speed up the recovery process.

What happens when I return home?

When you have been released from the hospital, you will be given a diet with menus that are easy to follow, along with instructions on how to keep incision areas clean, how much water to drink, and how much food to eat. You will be given a list of recommended activities, as well as types of activities to avoid. These recommendations have been established over a long period of time, and are found to be the most effective in helping you stay healthy and lose weight.