Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss Myths

Unfortunately, there are a number of myths about losing weight that often keep people from actually succeeding. In fact, only approximately five percent of American adults lose weight and manage to keep it off long term.

Best Way to Lose Weight

There is no best weight loss plan. Every person is an individual, and losing weight is a personal journey. That said, there are certain characteristics of a healthy diet that can make all the difference in the world.

Weight Loss Pills

We have become a nation that believes there is a pill for everything, and while advances have been made, no one has developed a pill that will make you lose weight. Losing weight requires changes in lifestyle.

Weight Loss Motivation

You see a lot of information on the Internet about losing weight through hypnosis, and motivational seminars. There is very little evidence that these methods contribute to losing weight or keeping it off.

Quick Weight Loss

We are accustomed to having our needs met immediately. Our culture has taught us to to expect instant results. Losing weight is not immediate, no matter what you may have heard. Bariatric surgery, although not suited for everyone, is the fastest form of weight loss that has been developed.