The Long Struggle

Every day, the scale stands before you as a symbol, very often, one of failure.

I keep a sort of diary and it is the same. This problem is very hard to fix and very dangerous for our health, but this tweet points out the pressure that weight places on a person, and how early it starts.

As if weight loss were not hard enough, fat shaming is a real problem. Self image is so important to overall well-being. From an early age, we are conditioned to think about our weight as a problem.

When does fat-shaming begin, and who starts it? It probably begins in the family, but don’t blame them. It is in almost every bit of our culture, especially for women. They suffer the most. Peers are brutal. Every magazine stares back at the overweight girl. The images are of thin, petite models. That is not real life.

Women are beginning to understand the pressure they are under, and that it is a lie. That does not make living in this world an easier. Like losing weight, it is a lifelong struggle.