Laparoscopic or Open Surgery?

What is the difference ?

Bariatric surgery is the preferred method for many reasons, but primarily because of recovery times. Open bariatric surgery, involves making a single, large cut in the abdomen. That cut takes a long time to heal, and affects muscles and tissue.

Most surgeons now use laparoscopic surgery.

  • They make several small cuts
  • Thin surgical tools are inserted through the cuts
  • A small camera allows the surgeon to view the procedure on a video monitor
  • Laparoscopic surgery has fewer risks
  • Open surgery and may cause more pain and scarring
  • Recovery times are faster with laparoscopic surgery

There are advantages to open surgery if you have certain conditions.

  • If you are extremely obese
  • If you have had prior surgery
  • If you have complex medical problems (called ‘comorbidities’)

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