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There are so many myths, it is little wonder we cannot lose weight. Calories In Calories Out may be the one fact that we can rely on; you have have to eat a little less, and burn off a little more. Not too much of either. Slow and steady wins the race. And see your doctor.

Losing weight is a journey, but there is some information out there that just isn’t true. Here is what you should stop believing about weight loss.

Source: Weight loss myths – INSIDER

We’re barely using the best tool we have to fight obesity

From Vox –
Researchers think some people have genetic and hormonal traits that make them more susceptible to obesity. They view obesity as a complex, chronic disease, like cancer, with many causes and subtypes. They’re also losing faith in dieting and exercise, neither of which is very helpful for weight loss in the long term.


What is ObesityWeek 2017?

ObesityWeek brings together world-renowned experts in obesity to share innovation and breakthroughs in science unmatched around the globe. Attendees will enjoy the diverse educational opportunities, networking events, and scientific synergies created through the collaboration of these leading obesity organizations.

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