Diet Collapse? You are not alone.

Have you been stuck in the house since March? Do you feel like the refrigerator is your only friend? Working from home and not getting any exercise? You are not alone.

The word is that you are in the same boat as everyone else. On social media it has become something of a joke. But it is not funny if you really need to lose weight. The coronavirus warnings are clear; heavy people have a significant increase in complications if they catch the virus. Add diabetes, and you have a toxic mix of comorbidities.

Stress is one of the big reasons you are eating the wrong things. Another reason is that you are stuck in the house, even when you are not. Psychologically, this virus has separated us from each other, and that isolation is not good for you.

So, what do you do?

  • Accept the fact that you are at a disadvantage when it comes to losing weight. No one is having a good time being healthy or getting in shape right now. You are no different.
  • Fight the isolation. Yea, you can’t hang out, but you can go out. Take a walk. Go to a park, or walk somewhere you have never been. Make it leisurely and fun. No force marches. No routines. Just go walk.
  • Buy more healthy foods. Avoid the processed garbage. Start making soups. Don’t buy crackers or chips. Steam up some veggies and put them in the fridge. When stress beckons, eat them first. Not that bag of cookies! 🙂
  • Stretch every morning. Nothing grueling, start with the arms and move down. Do it while thew coffee is brewing. Get a little routine that you like and do it every day.
  • Go out on your porch. Do nothing. Listen to the birds. Decompress.

Will this make you lose weight? Perhaps not, but you may slow any weight gain down, and you might feel better. Good luck.