What is a Roux-en-y?

To understand what a Roux-en-Y procedure is, you have to understand the term anastomosis.

What is an anastomosis?

When you join any two hollow tubes, that is called an anastomosis. The definition also mentions that an anastomosis is a connection between normally distinct tubes, meaning that an anastomosis may be pathological, or the result of a traumatic experience.

What is a Roux-en-Y?

A Roux-en-Y involves surgical intervention in which an anastomosis is created:

The first step in this procedure is to create a pouch at the top your stomach. The pouch is small. It fills up much quicker, meaning you feel full after eating very little food.

The small pouch then needs to be connected to the small intestine, which the surgeon does by clipping the small intestine, and sewing this end to the small pouch he has created, completing the anastomosis. The connection completes gastric tract, leaving part of your stomach unable to take in food, and part of your small intestine unable to absorb nutrients.

An additional benefit for weight loss is this procedure produces changes in the hormones in the stomach, which decreases appetite.

Risks and Benefits

You can lose a considerable amount of weight when you undergo a Roux-en-y procedure. You feel full much quicker, and weight loss can be rapid. However, this is a major operation, and as such, complications may rise.  It also can lead to some nutritional deficiencies. Because of this, there are strict dietary rules, and frequent follow-up visits are necessary.


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